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  1. Thanks man, appreciate it. - - - Updated - - - Aw man, that sounded really rad too. He's somewhere better than here now though, rip.
  2. I'm heading to Philadelphia in about 2 weeks. I'd like to get a tattooed by someone 'notorious' in their own part of town. Care to help? I've done a bit of research on Google & all that jazz but, also taking personal references.
  3. Wasn't a duplicate of this thread, but alright.
  4. I appreciate this, and will utilize the ideas and advice you've given me. I'll be heading out tomorrow to the CTC, and a few other shops I've looked into to hopefully talk to some of the artists. I have a vague idea of what I'd like and I'm hoping this will help interpret whatever the fuck's in my head! You also have to understand, I've had no knowledge of how a forum of this matter works, or the people themselves. I use the internet for research and whichever other way I can entertain myself with, and the online forums I would normally post on are just meant for exactly the way I've posted this thread. No real substance in the community, just blatantly asking a question. I can see where that could be seen as ignorant, or unjust, but fuck to put it in the most simple way possible; I didn't know any better. (never have used that excuse for myself :p) I've got it now, I thank you for helpin' me see what I hadn't before and giving me your novelistic posed response.
  5. I know, was planning on doing that but until then I made a post.. on a tattoo forum. zzz
  6. Oh man that hazing got me, I'm so angry. Arrrgh you belittled my idea. Arrrgh. is that the reaction you were looking for
  7. Some what empty of an idea so far, but my next tattoo is going to go on my forearm. And I was thinking of a cardinal, or some sort of bird in flight. I would like for it to be a tad traditional looking when it comes to shading, and the feathering & all but still hold its own when it comes to being a bird tattoo. What I'm asking, so that I can draw it out myself and present it to the tattoo artist I may go to (don't worry, I'll be getting their exact opinion on what I've posted now), in your opinion what may be the best positioning for this? The size I was thinking would probably be at least 6 in.
  8. I haven't yet, I've scratched the original idea and I'm starting anew. I was over-thinking it, still sort of am. All those that I've talked to about tattooing, and getting a tattoo have instilled the idea of "GET SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU'LL NEVER REGRET", so I've been living off of that. Even though, I've realized if I base a tattoo off of that I will regret it because goddamn, I would be trying way too hard to think of something. Anyways, I'm looking to get something on my forearm within the next couple weeks. Still not completely sure, but I feel an idea growing somewhere.
  9. Advice? haha, what advice did I get? Besides the obvious no brain "DO YOU BRO". May have been more elaborate & all, but that's all I got really. I wasn't looking for people to tell me what I should get, I was looking for those with experience in the tattoo business, and those that have been doing tattoos for however long that they have been to help guide someone through the process of coming up with a tattoo and helping with a goddamn seed of an idea. Here's a piece of advice: Just because you don't work for someone, doesn't mean you can't show them the respect you would if you did. So chill the fuck out, stop acting like you were raised in a fucking barn.
  10. Look at you, living up to what it is I had gone and assumed about the people here. Yeah dude, totally bad idea. I'll keep that in mind next time I want to get a chimpanzee with a crown and cross bones.
  11. Stopped checking up on this shit forum since this thread. Oh, fuck. Didn't exactly mean shit forum, just the large majority of people that post in it, are shitty people. Anyways, no. No I didn't.
  12. Nope, I'm not. this one must have went over everyone's head
  13. Because strangers on the internet aren't just one person with one creative thought & don't stick with only just one idea when presented an opportunity to do more with what they're given? Would rather you not question motives, & just help out with what I'm asking. That's the point of the thread, isn't it? That was my point in joining this site, as far as I can remember. But instead I've only gotten snide remarks & questionable comments. Hmmm, online tattoo forum not living up to its potential.
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