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  1. The pain has gone away and it is sightly red but it is not infected. Yea im not worried about infections, how long do i have to genereally wait before getting it retouched?
  2. Thanks for the reply, yea i know i should wait till it fully heals but im just worried that any damage done might be permanent
  3. Hello everyone I got my first tattoo last Saturday and i am super happy with how it is turning out. However there is a part that is concerning me.The tattoo is of a pheonix and the tip of the wing around the bend of my elbow appears to be faded and not clear at all with a couple of scabs still on it. i did some research and i am worried that it might be scarred, i did not pick any of the scabs at all and this is the only part that really appears like this, i can only assume that maybe it may have been damaged when i bent my arm too hard or something. I actually sent a picture of what i was concerned about to my artist and he said that it is healing fine but i am not too convinced. I am meeting him again soon but if this is scarring is this permanent or can it just be touched up later on? thanks