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  1. @Hogrider As u can see, it's not the worst it could be, but there are definitely some smudges in certain lines. The pic makes it look worse than it is, but... And yea it was at a tattoo shop. I texted the guy and he said to wait it out for 2 weeks and he'll give me a retouch if I want, so I'm assuming it's a minor blow out lol.
  2. Hi i can't exactly figure out how to make a new post, so I'll just ask here (still related to the thead) So I got a tattoo(my first) 5 days ago on my hipbone area just a bit bigger than a golf ball, and the tattoo artist to just put vaseline on it for the next three weeks. Yea. After it started to smudge and began to become cloudy, I searched up on the internet and the first thing it said was not to put vaseline products on it. And to not touch it. Which I did touch (not often) but still I'm assuming my pants were continuously rubbing on it and probably making the scab fall off unnaturally. F***ing hell. Anyways, I immediately stopped putting vaseline on it and changed it to an unscented lotion. But what I'm wondering if it's too late to get rid of/stop more from smudging? Is 5 days too late to change anything? I know tattoos take 2 to 4 weeks to heal, and it becoming cloudy is quite a normal thing while healing. It's quite frustrating to get a new tattoo and have it smudge, especially because mine is a line work... But anyways, I'm a tattoo newbie so any advice/comments/insights would help...