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  1. As for money, I wasn't looking for exact prices. Just a range of what I should be looking to spend. Like, in the hundreds or maybe thousand+? Like I said, I'm new to all this. But I know what I want now and am excited as hell to get it. The kind of hilltop/1 tree/possibly sunset if I get color scene with a rose and a couple words is the more immediate one. The portrait of the dog is the one I was thinking I would be having to travel for, which was why I was asking if there were any notable artists that stand out in the world of tattooing on the east coast for something like that. And a
  2. My name is Mike, friends call me Mac from back in the day. I am tattoo free, always decided I would wait til I truly know something I want. Well, I have finally decided on a few different things I want, and I think I want all of them. I know it won't happen over night, but I came to this forum for answers to questions/advice. I am from WV and in my 30s and have been through hell and back in my life, which I am sure everyone has probably been through their own personal hell. But I just want to say hello, and hopefully you experienced tattoo receivers and artists can help me on my path to g
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