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  1. As of January 1 2017 I had 0 tattoos. As of today I have 3 tattoos. They are all on my left arm as I thought I may like to do a sleeve. Their connection at the moment is that they all 3 have significance to me . . . not exactly a unifying them to others looking at them! I want to put something on my forearm/outer forearm, and its not that I can't find tats I like, I feel like it is SUCH a prominent place that I dont want just anything there. I have a Miami Hurricane related tattoo on my inner forearm (#2), Life's a Gamble with some gambling items on my shoulder (#1), and a Jeckyll and Hyde tat below my Life's a Gamble (#3). Any thoughts on a unifying theme? I have seen some compass, clock, rose, map tats I like. Im just not sure that is a great forearm spot. Oh and all my tats have atleast some color to them!
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