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  1. kitpop

    First colour tattoo very worried

    I looked on her instagram to see her previous work done and she seemed to be one of the better options for what I wanted but I did feel a sense of just wanting to get it done. She did recently email me saying she's more then happy to give me a free touch up when it's healed which is abit reassuring.
  2. kitpop

    First colour tattoo very worried

    That the colour isn't going to be solid but I guess after it heals I can get a touch up ? Sorry I guess I'm overthinking it
  3. Hello everyone i got my first colour tattoo yesterday at an expo and my tattooist said that i had very thin blood and my skin wasnt taking the colour to well but in a few days the colour should come through and i may need a touch up, im very nervous because i haven't heard of this before and well when you look at the pictures you will understand why im fairly worried. Im just looking for some honest opinions and advice on what to do Thanks,