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  1. Nice tat bro! Yeah i guess its just the artist...idk if i shall leave it green or change it..
  2. Hey guys,i wanted to put a old school gorilla head tattoo on my shoulder and i found this picture most interesting.there is only one thing i dont understand,why is his mouth green? Is there any special meaning or? Im guessing its the contrast of the colors with the blood...
  3. lol,okay man,thank you a lot! :D
  4. locoPanki

    Realistic Super-Mario

    Rate please :)
  5. Can you show us a pic of your tattoos,i really would like to see how it looks the mix of styles.
  6. Can you show me some example? i cant find any..
  7. Hello guys,im new here.I have a big doubt,so please give me some advice! I got this realistic tattoo of super mario on my chest but after i got it i realized that i want to finish my rest of the body with old school tattoos,i want to start from my left arm,is it possible and how can i manage to merge old school tattoo next to this piece of art? Tnx all. p.s Rate my tattoo if possible :) cheers