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  1. hbh123

    New tattoo then working the next day

    @LittleKitty thank you very much!
  2. hbh123

    New tattoo then working the next day

    Ah this sounds like a good idea! Are these generally approved in the healing process? I’ve read that some people say keep it covered for a while whereas others say to only keep up wrapped for a few hours and then don’t cover it up again? Thanks for the help, and sorry for all the questions!
  3. hbh123

    New tattoo then working the next day

    Unfortunately we have no long sleeve option. Should I wrap it in a bandage or something like that?
  4. Hi! I’m getting my first tattoo on Wednesday which I’m really excited about. I’ve been scheduled to work the day after which I’m a bit anxious about so I’m looking for advice. I work at Mcdonald’s and the tattoo is going to be on my upper arm, which will not be hidden by my uniform. I’m wondering whether I should keep it covered up for shifts until it has healed? For the tattoos protection and also due to health and safety as I work with food. I’m also slightly anxious about the fact that I often get burns when I’m at work from working with grills, and I’m wondering if I should cover it up to avoid any possibility of burning it so my mind is at ease. Sorry for the amount of rambling I’ve done here, I’m just super anxious as I don’t want anything to go wrong 😬