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  1. I always wanted a tattoo since birth. One day me and my friend were stoned out of our minds, somehow got onto the topic of tattoos and then he says "I know a dude who does sick sleeves for like $100 bro" then I was convinced it was a good idea. I was so excited and eager to get a tattoo that I WAS NOT THINKING STRAIGHT- I just wanted to get it. Went the next day , gave the dude $100 and gave me a crap rose sleeve. I regretted it like the next day hahaha. Moral of the story: Have patience and invest in quality artist ... and don't do drugs
  2. Hey guys I'm back :) Found 2 nearby artists who might be able to fix my sleeve..? Haven't consulted yet but will do when I have a new job :) 1).A local reputable artists who specializes in black and grey. I haven't seen any cover up or repair work on his page, but I think he could handle the job. 2). Another local artist who specializes in cover ups, though his cover up work is neo-trad and japanese.
  3. image: About a month ago, I got a sleeve from a friend of a friend for $100 (Dumbest decision ever) because I thought why not. I was not using logic at the time because I was so eager and excited. Anyway, my tattoo is supposed to be a rose sleeve but they don't even look like roses, more like crappy origami. How easily do you think my sleeve could be re-worked if I went to a legitimate artist? Does it look to hard to fix without laser fading? I don't mind having to stick to the rose design, I just want t to look good. I haven't consulted any artists in my city yet because I don't have money at the moment, so I thought I'd ask on here.