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  1. 1 more question about sunscreen. Is it still ok to use it if my tattoo is peeling now? It just started peeling this weekend but come Wednesday it will be 2 weeks old
  2. So this will be the 8th day of having my tattoo, this is also my 3rd one but I’ve noticed it’s been healing differently in comparison to the others. I know that that is common but I still haven’t experienced any peeling, itching, anything. My skin has been looking like it wants to peel for the past 2 days but it hasn’t. It looks wrinkled and sort of scrunched in areas even though I’m not necessarily scrunching the area if that makes sense.. it’s mainly on the top part of the tattoo where the tree branches are but let me know what you guys think please. I am also leaving for a trip to the Caribbean in 6 days and am worried it won’t be healed enough for me to apply sunscreen..I planned on reaching out to my artist about it today but wanted to see what others thought first.