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  1. Gotcha thanks for all your replies. Just to clarify tho I don’t want that colored white I would have it be left bare skin, not sure if that changes anything (so in other words only the black is ink)
  2. Also I hope it does not seem as if I'm not listening to my artist- it just is that I don't think he has done something similar and he is not very specific with how it will heal. Because of what he said I am leaning towards not getting it but I just want to get more opinions on it... I'm also just curious because I love linoleum cuts and think this would be a very cool concept for tattoos
  3. Hello all, my name is Kevin and I just joined this forum because I have a question regarding a tattoo but also because I love tattoos in general and I think this website will be very useful to learn in the future! I was going to post this in the tattoo advice forum but needed to post something initially to do so, but maybe you all here can help me anyways. There is a tattoo I would like to get that is a print made by matisse. I will post a picture below, but basically it is a very thinly cut line through black. I have been discussing with my tattoo artist whether this is possible to do, where the black is inked and the white is the negative space where the skin shows through. Obviously this raises some concerns as the lines are so thin. My artist says he would be willing to do it but thinks that it will not last like I would like it to. I've been trying to find similar examples but other than a few where the negative space is left larger I can't find any (maybe because it is a bad idea). And I know I could just get the piece with the white as the tattooed lines and it would be easier but I have my reasons for wanting it the other way... but of course if in 10 years it will be faded to all black then I am not so stubborn to get it anyway. It would be on my wrist so about 7.5 cm wide and 12 cm tall. Anyway glad to be on this site.