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    You guys are right. And that's also a concern of mine too. I know the favourite colours are purple and red so another thought I had was to just have that as their eyes or something small like that. Personally I'm on the fence about colouring it or not as I think it looks like it should be coloured in some days and other days it looks like it shouldn't be lol.
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    I tried, but I always ended up failing because of the curve on my arm. Plus I'm pretty sure my six year old would go berserk to be allowed to draw on Daddy's arm. I can't get her to colour very often it seems.
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    Hey guys, I recently joined this forum so I could get done advice about colouring in my tattoo but I can't post in the tattoo discussion topic. I assume it is because I need to post here first. But I may as well ask the question here. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about drawing colors on my skin. I my first tattoo is a tiger and dragon around a sword on my arm that is for my daughters (based on the year they born) and I would like them to help me colour it in. At 6 and 8 years old, I thought the best option would be to have them draw on it, then take a photo of it and have a tattoo artist try to best match it. Unfortunately the artist doesn't have a copy of it for me to have the girls draw on. A friend did suggest that I use wet pencil crayons but I'm not sure if that will work. I also want them to write their names in the sword in their respective sides, but I think a regular pen will be more than sufficient for that. The tattoo is five months old and fully healed, but I'm going in for a touch up next weekend for a couple lines that weren't right so I have time to wait before they draw on me. The image is from August when it was done. I tried to Google this but it was basically just makeup advice to get the proper skin tone which is mildly irrelevant to me as a male that doesn't wear makeup.