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  1. Well thanks for the answers. You all says tattoos aren't perfect but mine looks like a hack job compared to other people's. I've seen wrist tats that look perfect and crisp and mine is all blurred. When I color over that wobbly line with a sharpie it looks good so I don't understand why an artist couldn't just do what I'm doing with a sharpie with actual tattoo ink then. My friend who is currently a tattoo apprentice (did not do mine because he's just starting but was the one who recommended this shop) looked at it and did not tell me I was ridiculous, he said, "yeah I see what you're talking about, that should be an easy fix if you go back." I came here to inquire if y'all thought at 3 weeks it would still change or if it looks how it's going to look. I've also read at 3 weeks if it's still textured it's scared and mine is, but there seems to be conflicting opinions on that as well. Oh well thank you anyway for taking the time to respond.
  2. Well some people are telling me the blur may fade with time and that's what I mean by fix itself. It's pretty noticeable, people who see it in person are telling me I should go back to the shop to get it fixed.
  3. Here's the part that's bothering me. It looks like it dips in, but really, the needle line is straight it's just blurred out above and below it. From a foot away the line just looks crooked. I really hope I'm overreacting and it will fix itself with time but that's why posted so you could ease my mind if that is the case.
  4. My tattoo is 3 weeks and 2 days old and it’s still raised and shiny. I’m afraid it’s scarred even though I took perfect care of it and never ever picked and scratched it. It’s also blurred, as you can see, making the lines not look sharp. I’m wondering if it’s something fixable, even if I have to make the tattoo thicker to go over the blurring (even though I don’t want to do that), or if I should wait longer because the blurring may fade? This was my first tat so I researched an artist and got recommendations, then I called but he said for what my sister and I wanted we could just walk in. Well then we walked in and he was busy and said we’d have to come back another day (I honestly think he just didn’t want to be bothered with the small work we wanted). But there was another guy there who was new to the shop but not new to tattooing (or so they said) and his portfolio looked really good and it had been hard to find a time to go together so we went ahead and went with the new guy, figuring we wanted simple things, it should be easy. After though, my sister (who has lots of other tattoos) said she felt he was heavy-handed because it hurt more than her other tattoos. Her others were done by a very reputable artist but that artist has a 6 month waiting list and won’t do anything small, and that's the problem I kept running into, no “good” artists could be bothered to do small work. I’m wondering if I go back to the same shop, but make sure I get the first guy that I wanted, if he could make it look better? Or should I avoid the whole shop and pay whatever it takes to get someone better to fix it if they even will bother? Or do you think it’s still healing and will get better? Is it scarred? It doesn’t look awful from a few feet away, except for the one wavy blur on the inner left of the V that I feel needs to be straightened and the little dot that blurred out at the bottom. Please don’t make me feel too awful about it, please, I am upset enough. Of course my sister’s turned out okay but it was on much thicker skin. Thanks in advance.