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  1. Hey guys! I've used tegaderm on my last few tattoos and just got one done on my inner bicep/armpit. After one day I noticed the derm has lifted a bit off a tattooed area in my armpit. It was still covered by the derm, but it was very noticeably loose and floppy. I'm at work so I quickly covered it and taped it up to get it to stick again, but I'm unsure what to do now. Should I replace the whole dressing? Or just apply more to get it to securely stick again when I get home? I really don't want it to get infected, but I also don't want to F*** with the tegaderm healing process... Also, I had the derm wrapping around my arm into my shoulder so it would be secure, but I appear to have gotten some tension blisters from having the ends in such a high movement area...
  2. Hey everyone! No matter what I do I can never seem to get my tegaderm on completely smooth. Even when it LOOKS smooth when I first apply it it quickly develops little bubbles all over as well as lots of (what looks like) fluid filled wrinkles. I always get anxious about this as I know this needs to stay on for 5 days and I want my tattoos to heal well. I've tried popping and patching the less than perfect areas but it seems like no matter how many bubbles I pop more show up as I move my arm (I should also mention that I draw for a living so a bit of arm movement is kind of inevitable for me.) Are small bubbles and wrinkles normal? Or should I just keep reapplying until it's perfectly smooth all over? I don't want to keep poking at the area with a needle for fear that I'll slip and stab my new tattoo and I also would rather not have to remove the derm I currently have on as removing it's pretty painful. I was hoping I could hear from other people who have used tegaderm/saniderm to heal larger tattoos on their experiences on this matter.