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    Longivity ?

    I know, already bought this and tried it on and I like it. As I've said, I will not be getting this exact tattoo. I like the style.
  2. Longonut

    Longivity ?

    That I will take to heart, great idea !! Thanks a lot 🙂
  3. Longonut

    Longivity ?

    Thanks for the replys ! yes, it is very different from other asian tattoos, I would not get this exact one, but something in that style, I like the mystic of it. I like that it is not like all the other Japanese tattoos ! I would make the images in mine more readable though. So you think this style would become blurry fast ? even if it's a good artist ? Kind reg
  4. Longonut

    Longivity ?

    Hi all, I need some help with the longivity of different styles ! I am deciding between a sleeve in a japanese style (se picture) and something more american traditionl pic 2 and 3 (roses, birds, snakes etc.). Now, tattoos will become blurry and fade over time, but do you think this japanese style (with fine lines, details etc.) will still look good in say 10 - 20 years (avoiding sun, taking care of it etc.). Thanks a lot guys :)