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  1. Hello happy new year!!! I was getting some shading work on my sleeve last weekend 7 days ago and on the 2nd day it was apparent that a scab was forming right on the crease of my inner elbow joint .so I've read it will need longer .the first couple of days I let that part dry out but it started to crack with the constant movement so instead I decided to use Bepanthen cream to keep it as moist as possible. All the other scabs have formed ok it's just this one . especially at night in bed the heat from my body keeps the crease of my elbow moist so it's still looking like a open wound. Should I just keep putting the bepanBepaon and keep it clean and just keep it moist? I'm really unsure .thanks
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    Reaction /rash

    Hi I have a new tattoo and it's about 4 weeks old .it's healed very well with hardly any scabbing at all. 4 days ago I noticed it started to itch .at first I thought it was normal until I noticed some hive like bumps and raised parts (only on the tattoo) it spread across the tattoo the next day . Sometimes it itches and sometimes not much. The rash has gone over all the colours so I'm assuming that rules out a reaction to a specific colour. The doctor has given me some steroid cream and I have been taking antihistamines the last 3 days. Never had this before. The problem is the tattoo is not finished yet and I'm worried it will happen again .I think it's starting to go down very slowly