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  1. Yes bit was having puss on one part but it's cleared up with antibiotics now and I apply a thin layer of cream and yeah it was done in a tattoo shop by a appreciate.
  2. I know but parts of my tattoo have fallen off so they ink is missing due to the infection
  3. It's only 4 days old and and yeah it still hurts quite a bit im having pain next to it but I know that's probaly normal and yeah the spots are to do with the tattoo I do have eczema too but that would be more notice able to the eye. I'll have to go to the doctors to see what they advise. It seems a couple of areas on the tattoo have started healing nicely but the rest of it hasn't followed suit
  4. I assume the chances of it turning out looking good are quite low looking at what's happened/being advised to take off the cling film earlier than I should