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  1. Hiya! This is my first tattoo, so sorry for being paranoid! It'll be 2 weeks old as of Saturday. My main concern is, the line around the forehead and on the shading seems to be splotchy, and some of the ink seems to have dissipated from the middle of the line! It still looks pretty cool I think, and it's not like people are gonna be as up close as I am- but I have a bad habit of hyper fixating. Any thoughts are appreciated! I know I have to wait at minimum a month before even thinking about touching it up, but what do you think? Thanks! Tattoo now: Tattoo fresh:
  2. Hi all, I was looking for websites to ask for tattoo advice- looks like I found one! This is my first tattoo and it is two days old, so I know it's a little early to ask this but I'm paranoid! The ink seems to have smudged/traveled around the "forehead" area of the little guy. I'm not sure if it's bruising, just things shifting as it heals, or a blowout (though it doesnt seem to be, compared to pictures I've googled). Any idea if the ink dots will fade? Many thanks! I'll post a pic from right after it was done for comparison