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  1. Super weird because he’s done a lot of my tattoos and technicality wise he’s done the absolute best. I have some bad experiences when I was younger because I didn’t look into my artists. But he’s always done very well. Others he has done in photo underneath.
  2. Haha oh no I did not tattoO this myself. I had my normal artist do it all. I have many other tattoos. This one is just not healing like normal
  3. Okay so about 12 days ago I tattooed a few fingers and also my palm/ wrist. My fingers are healing normal. And I THINK my palm tattoo is healing pretty normal but my wrist is not looking okay today. It’s very sore when being moved and not like a tight sore. Like the tendons underneath hurt. It’s extremely red (but so is the tattoo itself) and Inflamed. And in some areas it literally looks like I have a flesh eating virus. The leaf on my wrist is covering a very old tattoo I got in a friends garage when I was 15. I just don’t really know what to do about this. HALP.