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  1. Yeah I have no interest in lasering, I'm located in Wisconsin. Again I hear the thoughts that a real artist should be able to have plenty of suggestions I'm just looking for ideas and I'm not opposed to still trying to find one that eants to take it on. The snake recommendation isn't one I've come acrossed and is a a cool take on the mess
  2. It is awful, it's not fun to have. I hear what you're saying, there has been suggestions but I'm trying to see what having multiple ideas from others would bring up. I have a buddy that works at one of the best shops in the state and between him and two other artists they were all stummped and didn't seem to want to take it on. Though thats true I suppose there has to be someone out there a little more dedicated that I could find as well
  3. Please help me think of how to finally change this. It originally was meant to be much closer and tight. No where near how spread out and crappy hotwheels hood design that it turned out to be. This is from 4 years back. I have good artist's now but we've been trying to think for awhile and I need some other minds to help!