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  1. It's the worst isn't it?! I hope yours is doing better!
  2. Fair enough! Part of the anxiety is due to the fact that this is a sacred symbol of my tribal nation so the thought of possibly having ruined it is upsetting on a spiritual level as well, if that makes any sense.
  3. Okay sorry to keep asking about this, but I just want to keep on top of the issue. The spot in question (between the eyes, photo below) is now getting even whiter and cloudier. Does this still seem normal or is it possibly a scar? Thank you for catering to my insane anxiety!
  4. @Hogrider Thank you, I know I still have awhile to wait, I just got concerned when it appeared as though the tattoo was scarring. I appreciate the advice.
  5. @SStu One more follow-up question, does the area in question look scarred at all to you? That's my main concern. Thank you!
  6. @SStuThanks for the advice. I figured as much, I was just concerned because I feel I scratched it quite hard with my fingernails since I caused it to bleed. My fingernails aren't that long, but still, seeing the blood and bits of black under my fingernails the next day was disconcerting.
  7. So I got a new tattoo about a week and a half ago. It looked great at first (first photo) but then, that night after I got it, I accidentally scratched it in my sleep in the space between the two eyes of the tattoo, causing it to bleed a bit. I immediately cleaned and moisturized it, but it began to scab. I've done my best not to disturb it as it scabbed and healed, although sometimes the scabs would come off when I washed it in the shower, etc. Now, however, it looks very messed up and pitted in that same space between the two eyes (second photo). It also looks very faded and milky and the bl
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