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  1. I just got my knee done a week ago, I have no right to say what other people’s pain tolerance is but for my personal experience I hyped it up for myself before the tattoo and it hurt far less than I had anticipated. Though I will admit my ink has no color, it was line work and then dot work for shading.
  2. I only have 3, but my most painful was the one covering my kneecap. Overall it wasn’t as bad as expected though, sat like a statue for 2 hours for it.
  3. Thank you, confirms my suspicions. I actually use very little lotion but live in an area experiencing a heat wave and I think combined with sweat, this is what happened.
  4. Alright bear with me, I’m just a paranoid kinda gal. I’ve already also contacted my artist who gave me a recommendation that is seeming to work, my question is: has anyone ever seen this? I have small bumps under the line work, no fluid, no pus, no redness or heat, no pain, only the normal second week itching, and I cannot find a single reference on the internet to anyone having ever had something like this. Part of that might be because of how minor it is? When I look up typical Google searches for similar symptoms I’m hit with every post with a horrible infection or bad blisters. W
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