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    Still healing?

    No I stopped using soap a long time ago, but when I was it caused a reaction, the more shaded areas of my tattoo are shiny than others, will this settle in?
  2. Hi, I got my tattoo on July 24th I was following the aftercare instructions I ran out of the soap I was using to clean it so changed to another, I had a reaction to the new soap I was using which caused my tattoo to swell and burn quite a bit, it’s still shiny in the main part that had the reaction, will this go down or will it stay shiny? I’m not sure if the reaction caused the healing process to slow down
  3. K1878

    Is this normal?

    Cheers man, just thought by now the skin would have settled, had an allergic reaction to the hustle butter I was using a few weeks ago and swapped to cocoa which my skin agrees with much more, the tattoo has a lot of streaks in it and the skin seems uneven in certain places
  4. Had my tattoo for 2 months now and a lot of it is still shiny and streaky in the light, is this normal I thought by now the skin would have settled and there are some raised parts
  5. K1878


    Is there a chance of them scarring if so would they be able to be touched up?
  6. K1878


    Do these ares look scarred my dog jumped up and knocked a few scabs off prematurely the other day they haven’t got infected and I’ve made sure they have stayed clean they are lighter than all the other shading on my arm?
  7. Sorry mate was just double checking as it seems to have got worse and the scabs have gone a yellowish colour the rest of the tattoo seems to be fine
  8. Hi just a quick one I have quite a bit of scabbing by my inside elbow joint, just wondering if you guys could tell me if it’s normal? also a bit of cracking and bleeding is this ok? thanks
  9. Hi, I got my first tattoo Saturday just gone and I’ve been washing it with anti bacterial soap 3-4 times a day and using hustle butter deluxe 2-3 times a day I’m just trying to find out wether this scabbing is normal or it’s something to worry about? thanks in advance! Edit** also is this tattoo blowout? Sorry for all the questions it just all new to me haha
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