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  1. The link seems to be broken (for me at least), but I know which panther your talking about. And its nice. Hoping to have a nice one done soon. I have the artists painting that Id like him to pull from. Ill refrain from posting a pic of it as its not on me. Yet.
  2. I think Stewart Robson described it best in his interview when he wanted checkers across his arm, chest, etc. and ended up with Steve Byrne iirc. Although it probably wasnt the style of tattooing Steve might have preferred or even wanted to do, he still gave a shit, applied himself to the best of his abilities, stood back, eyed it up, looked at composition, rhythm, flow until he was happy with it and then did it. Whether the tattoo/artist is straight up and simple "you pick em, I stick em" style or its a big custom piece, or adding to a blank spot on the arm that has previous work, a genuine tattooer will look at all the variables and fine tune it to the point where they are happy with where it is, how it sits, how its works with other work, etc.
  3. Ill second this. Ive made three trips to Sanitary Electric since last September and have been beyond happy with all of my tattoos. Mind you I was going more traditional and only got work from Dax, but Ive hung out there multiple times outside tattoo time (to pop by, show the healed product, shoot the shit, etc) and seen Chad do many Japanese pieces and they were all amazing. I highly recommend paying the extra to get it from Chad. Seriously. Not that you have to answer this, but may I ask who/or where your looking to get yours done? My first tattoo was a Japanese piece on my rib cage a while back. Not traditional Japanese, but heavily Ukiyo-e inspired. I got it at another shop in Van. To say the least, Im looking into having it faded/removed by laser and one day covered by a piece from Chad. Also, I cant say enough about waiting like others have already. Especially at your age.
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    Haha, thanks. I just made some incredible pulled pork and my lady made her own sauce for it with a decent amount of paprika and its better than any sauce Ive ever made.. And Im the main cook, and a damn good one one too, around here. ps - I cant seem to post/start threads in the other sections of the forum and some sub-forums... keeps giving me the "no permission to access this page", "do not have sufficient privileges", something something "administrator" thing. Encountered it before in other forums. Do I just need to rack up sufficient posts for the system to let me do more?
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    Long time tattoo enthusiast and lurker here. Just sending my greetings to everyone from Vancouver, BC.