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  1. hey guys, thanks for replies, now it has been almost 7 weeks and its better, there are some new hard grown hairs which causing minor pain but i do still feel some burning sense if i strech or use my hand so much, is it possible some nerve endings still being repaired or due to deeper tissue healing of the skin? Nothing unusual on visible side, looks like totally healed on distant
  2. Hey forum, I did get a tattoo on my right wrist covering like a bracelet up to the middle of lower arm 13 days ago, this is my 4th tattoo in general but first as in wrist area, other tattoos were healing super fast and i barely noticed even they were there, but this one is still feeling tight and sometimes feels like a sunburn/stingy especialy if something rubs against it like cloth or mousepad when using mouse etc, its still super sensitive Its black ink only and there is no redness,ooze, scab, swollen etc My question is that something normal for that area feels like this? When artist was doing his work it was also painful naturally due to area but i didnt expect it will be that still discomfort and pain while it heals even after 2 weeks?
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