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  1. So I was skating this weekend and ate shit pretty hard and my forearm got a little mangled up. Its nothing that really looks "deep" but it is a bit scabbed/colored weird from trying to heal itself. Is it going to be fine, what should I do with the scrape/tattoo. I hope I didn't ruin the part that is scraped. - - - Updated - - - Thank you
  2. I have an appointment with Hunter Spanks August 19th to do a lotus adding onto the Koi he recently finished! Stoked!
  3. Here is my finished and finally healed Koi from Hunter Spanks in Baltimore, Maryland. I know I posted the unfinished one before, so, here it is all finished!
  4. Here is a sequence shot of the entire piece finished! Thanks for all the ideas, opinions, and comments for what I am going to add to it in the future!!! Cheers
  5. What's up all, here is the Koi all healed pretty much I think. Does anyone see any rough spots or spots that are noticable? The scab came off the red spot on the head and doesnt really appear to be missing any ink? Opinions on how it looks?
  6. I already have a swallow there, and an egyptian eye on my bicep, and a baltimore tattoo on my arm, not quite sure it will even be entirely japanese :/ I hate my life
  7. Hm, well what do you think on this right here? What should I do with it. Or what do you think I should add?
  8. Would a Foodog or Hannya mask be solid to get with some cherry blossoms and a lotus?
  9. I had to do the Koi, I love them. I was thinking a mask but they are also pretty common. Maybe even just get a snake wraping around what I already have and just get a filler to fill in empty space such as waves and cherry blossom flowers. My next project before this is a lotus flower in the empty space right next to my Koi. If I do the snake it will really be the only thing that I will really be able to put on the arm before it's full. If I do a mask I can probably get some flowers and maybe the dog also. Hmmm.
  10. I have just finished my Koi fish and want to keep going up my arm. I have a few things that are semi small tattoos on a few spots up my arm already. I want to try and keep it as much of a Japanese theme as I honestly can. I wanted ideas of Japanese things that aren't common, I have already the koi so I figured I want to get some things that are not common japenese tattoos to add to my future sleeve. Let me know your ideas, thanks!
  11. Indeed I won't. It's like cracking though from the location of the scab on my arm. I hope the color stays !
  12. I always scab up, on every tattoo that I have had. I was just wondering what everyone else who scabs does
  13. Should I keep the scab dry, it kind of sucks because its right in the crease of my arm and moves alot. It seems to be a little cracked. I hope that the ink stays in :/
  14. Thanks bunny and congratulations on the apprentice!!! :)
  15. Thanks for the advice. I found it very helpful. Do your scabs usualy look like this or worse? What should I do with my scab, should I wash it or keep it dry until the scab falls off? Do you think I will be fine or need a touchup? Thanks so much!
  16. I keep up with aftercare, it still scabs unfortunately :/
  17. LOL perfect answer!! Is that scab pretty bad? Im just letting it dry out now. I always scab though due to very sensitive skin!
  18. Here are two pictures of the spot, its the line right above the scab! Any ideas on it and why it would appear this way. Or is it just me, thanks for your advice!!!!
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