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  1. Thank you both for your feedback, I think you are spot on. Im hoping just to get the yellow portions done tbh because that area wasnt really worked on and it will make the tattoo look somewhat complete. Since i am somewhat darker skinned do you think the artist should use a darker shade of yellow or maybe even orange?
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently got the first session of a colored realistic tattoo done last Saturday at a reputable shop in NYC and wanted to obtain some feedback on color saturation and the healing process. We did a 2.5 hr session of what I was told would be 6hrs total before the artist suggested that we stop because the skin was bleeding too much. Below is are images of what the tattoo looks like today dry and a reference picture. Tattoo first session #1 Tattoo first session #2 Reference Image My main concern is that the colors look very dull so far given the fact that my skin feels like it was worked on pretty well. For reference, I’m still leaking plasma in certain spots and still in pain when walking . I dont know if this is because of the area where I got it tattooed, the amount of shading, the style of tattoo or if the artist had a heavy hand. I contacted the shop and artist and they said everything looks as it should but I wanted an unbiased opinion. I’m due for the second session in a week but am not sure whether the skin will be fully healed by then and if I should continue the piece with this artist. Any feedback would be appreciated
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