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    im a born and raised dude form Los Angeles, got into tattooing on 2005 and machine building in 2007, i love what i do.
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    Monterey, California
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    machine building, tattoo, art, cars, welding, inventing, designing, food, and chilling out
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    general scratcher/kitchen magician
  1. My name is Jose Carranza ,I am a tattooer and I am a 100% hand made tattoo machine fabricator. I'm in pacific grove California and can be found on instagram and facebook under Carranza irons , I been in this fourm for little over a year but I guess I have to introduce myself again. Follow me here or on any social media networking or on my site at, thanks.
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    Carranza irons handmade tattoo machine @
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    Carranza irons handmade tattoo machine @