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  1. Finished today the skull and some minor details. I love it, it really makes the Tofi eye part that was bland and I didnt like pop more now :) He also gave me an original painting of his which is sick (pic below) The Japanese artist at the shop was doing a sleeve, super clean work and he ended giving me an original of one of his paintings(pic below), so had a great day :) Sorry for the glare from my phone. Video of completed leg by Mrdist! The original picture Henry gave me :) The original picture Enzo gave me :)
  2. So had my first session today with Mrdist today in Sweden. What a gentleman! Lots more to come tomorrow. Yes I know its another womans face and skull lol much more to come tomorrow but who doesn't like a woman and skulls ;) lol Sorry for the shit pics from my phone :)
  3. Ye laser is horrible! Ive had 4 sessions now, its a Qswitch laser but its one of the only 2 top machines in the country I am told. Worked brilliantly and was only £90 a session :)
  4. Ok you all remember the shit piece and squiggly lines David Corden did on me and I have lasered it off, below 2 pictures of how it looked lol Went and saw Victor while I was driving about Europe couple weeks back and had some touch ups all over really but he also did a little filler where the shit squiggly lines were ready for connection to my knee. Still healing so its still very dark :) And a couple of pictures of Victor admiring my beautiful arse while I was there ;)
  5. Another 301 artists added :) Side menu bars with styles incoming soon. Will just keep this thread updated when more uploads are up :)
  6. Yep luckily, my last place practically and already have a few artists in mind or possible collab :)
  7. A couple of pics taken professionally at the London convention, my first professional pics taken, some girl just grabbed me and took me into a room and said strip off lol Still got two days with Victor as he is not totally happy with my back piece, not sure what he wants to do. Its for a magazine, cant remember if its skin deep or one of them. Anyhow here are some stunning shots of my superb body!
  8. Thanks a lot mate, Ye that's the beauty of tattooing and many other things in life, we all like different things :)
  9. So I went for my appointment with Tomas Tomas today. Trying some different styles :) Had me toes done lol, wasnt a lot we could do really with just toes but I think once it settles down and its the same colour as the snake, should fit in great. He showed me a vid and said this pattern is from some tribe from the Amazon. Now all I need is some animal skin leather pants ;p Hes a fucking awesome crack :)
  10. Had this done today, red raw, should look great healed once the different tones can be seen Tha finishes that leg off now apart from the foot :)
  11. Lol thanks a lot :) - - - Updated - - - Lol yep proper grandad bollocks :)
  12. My new pieces by Victor over last 2 days, he is bored shitless with faces, eyes etc so we tried some dotwrok and a little towards bio. He made the girl/demon face light to try and contrast Robert Hernandez's far too dark skull. He worked super fast, first day 5 hours, today 6 hours. :) We also had a funny convo about my back piece. He said when I had the Jesus done he had no clue I wanted my whole back done, nor did I. He said he would have done things a lot differntly had he known that, so we have now booked 2 more sessions as he wants to go rght over my back and change as much stuff as is possible to flow better and improve it, to me its fine lol Pics taken on my phone with my arse red raw lol Anyhow sorry for the arse shot again and I also covered the hanging penis nudity part :P
  13. Thanks guys :) Yes I will be regualry checking and updating the database to make sure its accurate but atm just too busy with other stuff to do with the app but will slowly get there. Helps when people also tell me, so thanks for the heads up, will change it now I know.:) Cheers
  14. Chaps & Chapesses The app (The Brag Art List) is now live and started to mass market it :) I fixed all the conventions now so they are all the future ones. I will be adding traditional, blackwork etc artists in future updates as I have been concentrating on trying to research those and have loads to add but it all takes so much time :) Please share the apps and would be much appreciated if you could ask people you know to leave 5 star rating and some positive feedback on the apps market place page, this helps with it to climb in searches :) All Links Below, Link to app on iOS (Apple) – https://appsto.re/gb/zj_J1.i Link to app on Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… Landing Page - The Bragartlist Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thebragartlist Instagram - https://instagram.com/thebragartlist/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheBragArtList Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/1/114656711873552857243/about Hope you like my efforts, for starters :) Thanks a lot :)
  15. peterpoose

    Snake on Foot

    by Ryan Evans. 8.5 hours
  16. First 5 hours was fine, the last 3.5 hours was horrible lol but manageable :) Good luck with it, I'm sure you will be fine and dandy :)
  17. Loving this mate :)! - - - Updated - - - Done by Ryan Evans :) Sorry for the craps photos, there is a video on my Facebook and instagram pages. 8.5 hours, puff adder with an ant on its nose tip, always loved that photo so thought I would get it done, still in progress :)
  18. Yep I do research every day non stop on pictures etc even when not looking for ideas for tattoos lol
  19. Nikko like all the other artists would all do the same traditional type tattoos in realism. Nikko is doing my mums portrait at the top of my arm and I thought of something around it like from famous flash or traditional work, like the butterfly posted earlier or a mirror or locket? Not sure really, it all looks great in my head lol It was just an idea to try something new but it may not ever get to being tattooed, as it just might not work. Thinking about fillers also. I love the traditional little stars or dots but I dont think they would fit in well with realism pieces. I guess I have to speak with the artists and decide if it would work. At the moment I am thinking it will just look like realism pieces and not have any hint of the traditional side, which is hard to capture in realism I suppose? Not sure I am making any sense to you guys either lol
  20. I have a list 1500 more artists to add so I more than likely have them to upload but read the description on the app and it has all the emails for different parts at the bottom :)
  21. Thank you mate, its been a lot of work and still lots to do :) The problem is not the zooming in, its the zooming out. Let me explain. You need to zoom right in because there are some locations where artists work at the same location and when you zoom in it splits into the separate markers so you can click on each one. How it should work is that when you close that marker, it should zoom/pan back out. This not only has been pissing me off for like 6 months but others have said the same. Totally and utterly agree about the zooming, it annoys the shit out of me but with the current SDKs from both Google and Android it is not possible using their own SDKS, could probably be done if I threw 50k at it and made my own map SDK but thats not going to happen. I wanted the map to zoom out on artist exit to where you last searched or even to the country if that wasnt possible, which neither were. I've had so many emails regarding this problem with the developers and Google and Apple. They say the max zoom back out is a 5 and that wouldn't even be back out to a small town and for that they want $4000, so just have to wait for new SDKs to be released.
  22. Hi folks, Search the iOS Market Place for 'Brag Art List' Well finally the first phase of the app on iOS has gone live and can be downloaded. (The remove ads doesnt work still i dont think but is being fixed this week hopefully but the ads are not as bad as on Android so shouldnt be too intrusive) I would really appreciate if people could 5 star and write a review on it as the best thing since sliced bread lol on the actual app to help it climb in searches. But I would really like the hard truths, feedback's, criticisms, suggestions etc here please. Please be brutally honest here! There is a small icon in the top left corner for searching, Country, City, Town, etc or you can manually use the touch screen. In device use of apps for the links should be working on Apple. Artists working at the same location will show as just one marker until pressed and then it will split as it zooms in to more markers for the other artists, so don't forget to check those out Anyhow, please let me know what you think, even if you think its shit, I want to know and wont be hurt or offended and how it works on your devices as we could only test it on a few handsets as I don't own every phone in the world lol So I hope it works on everyone's devices. I tested it on my phone which is a flag ship phone, so it runs super fast for me but I tested it on some cheaper phones and it was slower due to all the markers but that is to be expected I guess. It has been made for both mobiles and tablets. The fonts and home screen is being re-designed as we speak All and any feedback welcome Cheers!
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