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  1. apologies apologies apologies...its noted...going to be quiet and just read and research...was not trying to stir anything up...
  2. no one is taking money out y'all's pocket stop that nonsense...there will be plenty of coverup work for everyone in the future...don't care for any sympathy...just thought it was odd customer service...each is own...thank you all for the best wishes...good luck to you all...namaste
  3. fair enough...must have mistaken what a forum was about...i'll just go to lurking...humble and humility got it...will google it...meditation...sounds cool...
  4. But this isn't work of a scratcher...everything I do is sterile and wrapped up....machine, cord, table, green soap, all that shit gets wiped down and wrapped up. ...yes i am working out of an apartment but not everyone learned in the shop when they began....i walked into the shop like any person shopping for a tattoo would....i was just checking out the spot and getting a feel for one of local spots....nothing wrong with that just like any collector would...maybe i am shopping around for work that i find interesting....i told her i am soaking it all up...tonight i just soaked up something that
  5. Happy 4th y'all...today I decided to take out the bike out for afternoon ride...and saw that a local tattoo shop was open...i stopped by the other evening and saw that they were looking for an artist and a piercer...so tonight i decided to roll on up and check out this local shop...they happened to be having a july 4th barb-q in the works...so fun and festivities were in the works...I walked in and asked if i could check out the shop and look at their books...the woman was polite and said yes...but i could tell i was getting a lil mean mugging thrown my way...its all good...she asked questions
  6. There we go...that wasn't so hard. I will save graffiti talk for another forum that isn't why I am here. While I will admit my motivation is money it isn't my primary motivation for going into tattooing. I have spent years studying art, design, and craft. Primarily tattooing is a trade, trades are often done by craftsmen at times design comes into play and in few rare instances it can become art. I save my art practice for my own time, and i will design when it is called upon, but right now I am embarking on a journey of a craftsmen in a trade. For me tattooing does seem to be a natural life p
  7. Really this is slaying? come on folks you all are a lil harder then that...I don't think slayed is the proper term...but if this is getting slayed then so be it....its all love
  8. Yes writing isn't about the money...true I except that premise...then why have so many writers going into Tattooing? for the love? for the craft? or to support there writing? Its just a question...
  9. It might be a lil rude....but fuck it...what am i going to do and cry about some asshole on the internets? LOL :) <--- that is for the asshole...
  10. I thought i needed to do my initiation first, then drop 10 thoughtful comments before i start posting pics...i have no problem posting pics...and will do...and looking forward to getting ripped apart...
  11. LOL not surprised by the comments....probably well deserved. If I were to check my personal motivations yes it is about the money, nothing wrong with that. Then again it wasn't an apprenticeship, I was allowed to sit in and watch and learn. Yes maybe it didn't go fast enough, maybe my ambitiousness got the best of me fair enough. Ok I can accept the scratcher title. I am not interested in picking up bits and pieces to find out what will fit. I am here to learn what I can. Help or don't help Hate or don't hate no worries i will keep it moving. Respect.
  12. Nope no apprenticeship yet? American Graffiti is on the top of the list to check out how a walk-in shop does it... no argument there. Thank you for your two cents.
  13. I stand before you ladies and gentlemen and humbly ask for your consideration as an initiate into the Last Sparrow Tattoo Forums. My name is Brian, some call me B, some call me Werm, some call me Homaside... A lil history grew up in a suburb of north east #SacToe916...called Citrus Heights...graduated in 1990. All I have ever wanted to be is an artist and get paid for it. Left the heights in 91 moved to Oakland then East Oakland. Pursued my passion for art and culture of Hip Hop. Studied aerosol writing, graphics by copier, xacto blade and glue stick, and art. In 94 moved to Austin for a few
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