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  • Birthday 12/13/1978

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    Born and raised in Anaheim, Ca. moved to Colorado where i live and work now in Fort Collins. I'm a tattooer... love art, love my dog, love my Family, Music and my Buddies.
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    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    painting,tattooing,music,my dog
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  1. Hello everyone, i'm a Colorado Tattooer. I've been watching the LST videos on Youtube and it finally occurred to me theres a website and that i could join it! dur...anyhow here i'am. So far i gotta say one of my fav videos from the interviews has got to be the Dan Dringenberg interview, great insight into tattooing then and now, great interview. Thanks LST.
  2. hand tattoo heart cross thorns
  3. Gus Espinoza


    The quick brown fox Jumps over the Lazy GOD. A flash sheet done for Colorado Landlocked Art project
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