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  1. I have a question for anyone who can answer this to the best of there knowledge,    how can I sterilize my gear like tube,grips,tips, without a autoclave as they are out my budget right now,  I don't tattoo anyone but myself or my fiance soon to be wife right now till I'm licensed I don't like taking risks that can avoided, for now I'm useing a ultra sonic cleaner with boiling water and anti bacterial soap and letting it run for 30min, then I'm soaking them in 91% rubbing alcohol, as a rinsing then air dry I know it's not 100% sterile and I use brand new needle for line work and then I'll open a new needle for shading, I'm just trying to be as safe as I can with the equipment I have access to it don't work for a shop, and can't get a apprenticeship do to local shops around me are Dicks, they are not willing to help or teach people they fear we will take there job of some shit.  I have read a lot of forums for information, also if anyone can help me understand the needle depth when I did my legirlfriend it came out alright, and when I did my arm the ink comes out light like I've had it for 20yrs, probally the ink I'm useing I didn't buy a cheap Chinese kit from ebay, and I rebuilt my coils just to be sure it's not Chinese made, I don't wanna go to deep and don't wanna go to light, I wanna be able to do line work in on pass instead of 2 or 3 but I guess practice makes perfect I've asked my friend on fb who works for a shop and still haven't heard back so I guess no tips there, also on shading when I'm done shading it looks good for about 2 to 4 days until it starts peeling, then almost all color comes out and I can see the 2nd or 3rd layer of skin on my arm while healing it looks to about 2mm deep I'm just wondering y the color came out. any advice also if anyone has a email or fb or something I can photos to I would like to have a tattooist critic my art lines and what not I'm trying to be as professional as I can get before I start on actual clients, or friends, also if u miss unlicensed can I still charge my friend for supplies and what not legally or do I have to do it for free, cause supplies aren't free lol. I know tattoing myself isn't smart but it's the only way I can practice shops told me I need a bigger portfolio, more tattoos on myself.  I have like 6 tattoos and they told me to come try again when half my body is tattooed I think it's ridiculous but hey atleast I'm willing to learn and tattoo myself before I touch anyone else. please give me advice. also if u wanna email me my email is programmers288@gmail.com,  yes I'm a computer programmer and developer, but I love tattoos and wanting to learn another trade to stick on my belt. and also how can I improve my line work when I do line work I'm holding my machine at a 45degree angle and not pivoting my wrist but gliding my entire hand over the stencil.  the very last image I added is 4 days into the healing stage and the green color inside the toother ends came out if u look at previous photo with the green shaded also did I go to deep. and no its not gang green on my arm, I've been cleaning it 4times a day with tattoo goo anti bacterial soap in the shower with cold water, also tattoo goo lotion, and neosporin and I've been letting it get air,   none of my other tattoos look like that one.


    I know yall are gonna laugh and troll me but I'll never get better if I don't ask questions and get advise since the local shops won't.


    thanks in advanced.