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    Ive been tattooing for a little over 30 years and raising a family too.
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    Beautiful downtown Eagle River, Alaska

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  1. John worked at Cindy's in Daytona, then Annette's in Ybor City. He moved to London for a bit and worked at Into You for a short time, back to the states and back to London. Crazy. I was in London in 2005 and someone handed me a flyer with John's art on it. I went to the shop and they put me in touch with him (he lived across the street!) and we had a great afternoon talking about the salad days.

    He was one of the best illustrators I ever met; if you go back and look at Wilson's first flash set, a few of the designs on it were drawings of John's that Mike (with permission) used.

    I don't know the name Bryan Bird offhand; but then again my memory is crap!