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  1. So just wanted to post some work I got done in here instead of opening a new thread it is very WIP but hopefully I can get it done soon.
  2. Thank you. Im pretty excited! 2 weeks and its not just a picturea anymore. ahha
  3. Febuary 14th Skeleton holding a battleaxe with my dads birthday carved into the skull above 2 skulls with my little brothers birthdays carved into them flames all around, This is going to be my half sleeve peice. really excited about it , it is going on my right fore arm.
  4. Are you talking about the reaper skull or the drawing? Just to clear things up lol it is only the draft. and the reaper skull wasnt done by the same guy that i went to for the fore arm sleeve drawing. And thanks mate
  5. I have about 5 shops where im from a city in B.C. and the shop i go to are who i like, the other shops wont draw up art for me they just tell me they want a picture already and they will tattoo that. The guy i go to will draw just based off my ideas. which i like. plus the half sleeve drawing is just a draft he is tidying it up and finishing the drawing up for me and will be finalized before i go in (of course) but thank's for the advice! will deffinetly check out the site more.
  6. Family tat on wrist script Fore arm sleeve. Family eagle. Sorry for photo size..
  7. so i have tried to reply and post pics... but it is not posting..
  8. here are my pictures of what i have done and then what im getting done here shortly.
  9. really im into all sorts styles of art, not really just a one style kind of person. here are some of my tattoos, all these have been family tattoos that my grand father and my father have as well. the script is for me and my closest friend/brother.
  10. xXTRIGGSXx


    hey guys My name is shaq,I live in canada...eh! And have 3 tattoos. i am going in for my next peice soon and it is a big one half sleeve on my right forearm, i am fairly excited. hope to have a good time on here and learn lots!
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