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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice; it's good to know any blending of ink is not related to a lack of lotion but rather just what the tattoo looks like at this stage in healing (which I take it is what was meant by 'chill and wait') Also, killercook I have so many control issues :p you have no idea...
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new (clearly) to LST and also got my first tattoo last week. I've recently become very keen on tattoos and have three more that I intend on getting done within the next couple weeks. The first one was just an impulsive decision because I couldn't wait any longer until my appointments with carefully selected artists for the more elaborate tattoos I want done... can't explain it, I was just consumed by the need. The reason I found this forum was I am worried my aftercare for my tattoo is not working properly / I think my tattoo ink is spreading and am wondering if that has to
  3. Hey so I just had my first ribcage tattoo last week so I'll describe the pain experience: When it first started it did not hurt at all; it just felt like someone scratching me a bit. Then the needle went over a nerve ending and I felt a sharp twinge. In between hitting these nerve endings it was painless but every time the needle came across one it pinched. To explain what it felt like I would mention that at first I thought that it was every time the needle went over a rib bone I felt a pinch but when I said that to the artist she explained it was the nerve endings; that part of your body h
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