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    I love the outdoors, snowboarding, mudding, all sorts of physical activites and excersizing. Had a passion for tattoo's and piercings from a young age. I've had the stretched ears and snake bites for some time now, so I figure adding a tattoo to the mix is a great idea! Thought about it for several years so time to get on it!
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    Red Deer, Ab
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    "Government Employee"
  1. Hi! I'm here for the same reasons haha - Welcome! :3 -
  2. Hi everyone! Just dropping in to see what kind of info I can get on a specific artist - if possible - and just general information about Classic Tattoo Co Red Deer! Also curious in to see what some of you're guy's tattoo's are and what they resemble! I don't have any yet, but I did just get back from booking a consult, yay!
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