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  1. I've been reading online that aquaphor healing ointment is a wicked aftercare product. Problem is, I can't find it at any drug stores in my area, only the 'origional and 'dry skin protection' which both have petroleum as a main ingredient. I read that anything petroleum based is no good. Has anyone had any luck finding aquaphor healing ointment in Canada, or is it a US only line? Thanks!
  2. Oh I see, that's really good to hear. Now I'm even more excited to see what Nick Wasko is going to bring to the table. Can't wait! Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely post my next tattoo to show off Nick's super cool old flash when it's nice and healed up
  3. Hey thanks for the advice. You've got some wicked tattoos graeme. And yeah, Nick Wasko is doing my next tattoo! How did you know??
  4. Thanks! I have to agree, there is some badass vintage flash out there, it makes it all the more difficult to make a decision! But that's half the fun! The artist who did that piece is Mike Bialek from New Tribe. Cool tatts by the way. The one of your Dad in the army is wicked cool
  5. Hey, Just stumbled on the site a couple of days ago and I have to say it's good to know there's a website dedicated to everything tattoo related. Awesome! I just got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago, a shoulder piece of a bowling ping style eagle and snake, and I love it. I'll attach a picture so you guys can see. I've already made an appointment to get another, I'm hooked! I dig traditional tattoos, I think their timeless. They looked good decades ago and will look good for decades to come. I look forward to meeting some cool people and seeing some wicked tatts! - Charlie - - - Updated - - - Here's the shoulder piece. I know that this is an initiation thread but I could really use the advice as I have an appointment in a weeks time with a guest tattoo artist. He's bringing some old school flash that I'll pick my next tattoo from and get it that day. I want to add to the bottom of the tattoo to make it half-sleeve length without taking away from the shoulder piece. I would go with a tattoo that goes with the same 'feel' as the eagle/snake, definitely traditional, and definitely colour. I was thinking maybe skull and crossbones, traditional devil face like the one on my profile, or a dragon wrapped around the bottom of the bicep above the forearm ditch. Any advice is much appreciated, Thank You. - Charlie
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