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  1. Awesome, thanks guys. Deadspot, it's not spam this is a genuine production. Thanks for the input mscandypants! I'll check it out Sstu, as much as I'd love to fly you down, I don't think we could fit it in the budget. Haha
  2. Hey Guys, My name's Dan Concannon, and I live in Melbourne I have a real appreciation to the art that is tattooing I am currently directing a Documentary on people with tattoos... specifically, older people (50+) with tattoos. We are looking for energetic people who still rock their ink and don't fall into the stigma of "you'll regret it when you're older" So if you are somebody, or if you know somebody in the Melbourne (Australia) area, feel free to get in touch. Just post a comment and we can go from there! Please Spread The Word
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