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    Once, I had less than 10$ to my name and I had to choose between food or LEGO. I chose LEGO.
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    Hello LST

    Thanks man! You'll love this; I put an '81 Benz 300d into a '94 Toyota pickup. It's a monster.
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    Hello LST

    Hi, I'm new. I found this forum the other day and I've enjoyed reading it so far, my butt is actually sore from sitting in front of the computer for so long. I have been fascinated with tattoos since I was a kid but have never pursued any knowledge about it until I was about 20 when I started dating a guy who had half sleeves and an ankle tattoo. I'm glad I found LST because I'm learning a lot and getting lots of perspectives while I'm researching art. I promised myself no tattoos until I pay off my college debt, so I'm working my ass off so I can get ink in the next year. If you like pho, snowboarding, diesel engines and genghis tron, then I'm your girl.
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