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  1. Half way done! Clocked two hours this evening and wanted to share the progress with you all!
  2. kudra


    Thank you all!!! I'm SUPER excited about it and cannot wait until its done! :) - - - Updated - - - My family on my father's side is Norwegian! :) I'm excited you know the word 'rosemaling' LOL no one knows what it is when I say it! :) But I LOVE that style of artwork... used to have it on a bunch of plates and cups and wooden boards all over the house :)
  3. kudra


    Hello! I'm new to this forum but looking forward to sharing my progress on my gianormous back piece that i'm in the early stages of getting. I've always wanted a full back piece and the only other tattoo I have is a 3" jellyfish on my left ankle (which hurt like a mother!) but it didn't hurt bad enough for me to not want to get my dream piece: A Russian Firebird rising from rosemaling waves of water trying to crash down upon it and put it out. The theme of the piece is Rise Above it. When I got my Jellyfish Tattoo, I was 21 and in a very laid back and 'go with the flow' kind of mentality... as I've gotten older, I've gotten a bit of fire in my step and wanted to represent this change in myself with an epic piece. My 1st tattoo was done on the whim at Venice Beach... but for a full on back piece I wanted to select an artist that I knew would do it justice, so I chose to go with Hana Li Tek. Here's the latest image of it! Just got some work done on it this evening for an hour and going back next Sunday for more! Almost done with thickening out the line work and then onto my most anticipated part... the coloring!! :)
  4. kudra

    Firebird Tattoo

    Full Back Piece I'm currently getting done. The bird is a Russian Firebird rising from waves of water trying to crash down upon it. The waves are done in a Rosemaling style with Sunflowers for special measure ;) Design and Tattoo Work by Hana Li Tek.
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