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  1. Thanks @Gregor. Yeah, I've been a big fan of his stuff too, ever since I saw my friends piece by him a few years back. - - - Updated - - - @Fala @jada @CampB @ironchef @HaydenRose @joe-shit replies above...didn't know I had to @ people.
  2. Thanks Fala! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Jada. I'm a fan of all types, but the geometric style really grabs my attention. - - - Updated - - - Thanks a lot CampB. Long running series. I miss the darkrooms too. Even when I shoot film, must is processed digitally now...sad. - - - Updated - - - Hi Ironchef, Thanks for the welcome and the compliments on the work. Can't wait for it to be completed. I'll add you as a friend and when I have some further plans, I will be in touch. Sound good?
  3. Hi Hayden, Thanks for the welcome and the extra welcomes. The work by Maxime is being done at East River Tattoo in Greenpoint. Most of the work I want done will probably happen in the city. I've been following Dan Bones...really like his stuff. There's a few others, but I don't know off the top of my head. I'm constantly bookmarking, but never remembering. There is one I'd like to go to Paris for, but not till there's a large excess of cash filling my gills.
  4. Thanks Joe I know Williamsburg is filled with tatted hipsters, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. I want people of all ages, with stories. I'm also planning on shooting over the winter, possibly in studio.
  5. Hi Everyone, My Name is Ryan and I'm new to these here boards. I'm a New York native, a skateboarder, a snowboarder, motorcycle rider (and amateur mechanic) and professional photographer. I'm currently working on a half sleeve on my right arm, done by Maxime Buchi (mxmttt). I've had 3 sittings and probably have at least 2 more. Already have a catalog of ideas I need money for...Always an issue. Anyway, to be completely honest, I've been in love with tattoos since I was a teenager and I'd like to start a photo series on Tattooed people. If anyone is interested and/or can point me to a good place to find more people, please contact me. If you'd like to see my work, check out my site: ryanhandt.com. Thanks so much and I'm excited to look around some more! -Ryan
  6. Half sleeve continued by armpit
  7. Half sleeve continued with shading
  8. my first love, my first tattoo, a skateboard. more Ariel work: acstattoo.tumblr.com
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