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  1. Well I found a tatt that I love to do my cover up.. at Modern Electric.. I have for sure one more session to go back for touch up. The guy tweeked what I brought in to get. I'm at work right now but tomorrow when I get home I'll upload the stages from Saturday night. I have a few other tatts I want to change still.
  2. Simple tattoos
  3. Simple tattoos
  4. Simple tattoos
  5. Simple tattoos
  6. Simple tattoos
  7. I'm still trying to figure how to upload on this site my pics
  8. Im looking and hoping to find a good referal to a tattoo artist who has alot of experience with tattoo cover ups in or near the Houston, tx area. I have one for sure that i want cover uped and possibly in time to cover one or two more. any and all help is greatly appreciated. thx in advance :D
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