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  1. I would love to be tattooed by different artists, but like others have said, I would go back to one artist if I were to have one big cohesive piece like a back piece for example. That said, now that I have my crane tattoo by Gakkin on my calf, I am tempted to leave that rest of the calf space for him to add to should I ever go back to travel in Japan again. On an unrelated note, I remember seeing one guy who just had a eagle chest tattoo done on him the first time I went to Harizanmai. He was only in Kyoto for 2 or 3 days, and then he was flying to somewhere in Europe I believe, to get another tattoo, kind of like a "round-the-world" tattoo tour. Kudos to him to be able to do it, but it sounds like some rough travelling considering it's all fresh tattoos.
  2. @Nikki Price, Is that a calcified dove from Lake Natron in Africa? They are eerie, but absolutely awesome. Oops. Didn't realize polliwog answered my question already, is it possible to delete this redundant reply?
  3. Everyone there were wonderful. If I had enough money again, I would go back to Gakkin to get another tattoo. :) Red-crowned cranes are one of my favourite birds ever, I even got to actually see them in the wild when I went to Hokkaido at the beginning of this trip.
  4. Hello! I've been following this forum for a good long time and enjoyed reading the threads. I also decided to jump in after 27 years and got a tattoo of a crane while on a trip in Japan from Gakkin at Harizanmai in Kyoto. The tattoo itself took around 4 hours outside of the drawing I think. It was interesting and a good bit painful to say the least, though it wasn't too bad until it got near the end when my skin was just sore. Funny enough, it wasn't the needles that was the most painful at that time, it was the wiping the skin every now and then which felt worse. All worth it in the end! Gakkin did a wonderful job and I absolutely love my tattoo. Here's the picture of my tattoo
  5. Ploverlock

    Crane tattoo

    Crane tattoo by Gakkin at Harizanmai
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