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    Were Southeast Tattoo Workshop. We at Southeast Tattoo Workshops help adult students gain the skills and attitudes necessary for a meaningful entry level career position. We are committed to offering an innovative workshop for both aspiring and professional tattoo artists in order to enhance their skills and experience. In using our specifically designed curriculum, our goal is to teach individuals the art, and detail of the practice to ensure they will be well equipped and trained to compete in this ever changing industry, and we are committed to high standards in all of our curricular offerings. We truly value passion, and heart, and are dedicated to providing the support our students need to be successful.
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  1. Greetings all, Amazing we have had almost 500 view in less than a few days. Would love some counterpoints outside of the few people that have replied. Its not constructive to just tell someone to go off and die. Thats just childish. Now we have consulted with over 500 tattoo artists in and around the nation and honestly the consensus is better training for apprentices. When we sat down with shop owners, they said they wanted people that were dedicated to learning the industry and not people looking for a quick buck. When we sat down with artists, they said they were not able to procure an apprenticeship with any shops in the area. Not just here in Georgia, but all over the Southeast just to learn the basics. I think the same people replying to this forum are the same people new artists are meeting with when trying to get starting in something they are passionate about. I have heard so many times that tattoo artists dont like sharing with the next generation about how to tattoo. They are usually met with how hard it is to get into the industry and pretty much told to go find out on your own. The types of replies above remind me of struggles people go through trying to find their way. Dont just stand by and let someone say you cant be a great artist if you have not suffered the same way other they have suffered to do the craft they love. Its 2014, knowledge is abundant and everywhere. People get discouraged when we dont have any structured system to learn about the art of tattooing. For example, we know of at least 50 artists that have shops that have art history degrees as the foundation they choose and then found an apprenticeship if they were lucky enough for someone to take the time to teach them. We think thats awesome! Now was the 50 grand that they paid to the art school a waste? Of course not, they were able to learn what they needed in a structured environment. So its naive to say workshops, schools, or structured learning environments for professional trades in unnecessary. Its very necessary. So again I think all the nay sayers are making themselves look bad by nit picking at the color of the wall paper. If you dont like our workshop, thats fine you can create your own. We will actually help and share the information if youre open. If not thats fine also. This trade is here to stay. People are going to fall in and out of love with tattooing just alike. People want to learn more about it, and we plan to share. Does it cost, of course. We have to pay the same bills any other business pays as well as the instructors. Are we asking for to much? Not at all. The average two week workshop goes for $5,600. Now who are we to say thats to much? Yes we dont charge as much but all businesses have real expenses. The ink companies that make the ink everyone uses isnt free, nor are the machines or needles used daily by all. I think every would be aware of these things. Based on a few responses from above, maybe a reminder helps. As always you guys are free to call and discuss, or drop by and say hi and see what were building here at Southeast Tattoo Workshop. Dr. Brady @ Southeast Tattoo Workshop - (404) 904 - 0876 2483 Maner Road Se Smyrna, GA 30080 Southeast Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo School
  2. Greetings all. Its exciting to see the dialog. We do welcome all to come visit our facilities and come speak with instructors for more information. As far as supplies. They are sold in multiple locations through many venders, not just us. They are also sold via large online portals. Supplies will be purchased by the end customer at the end of the day and its not much anyone can do to change that. Our goal is to help those looking to get into the field of tattooing and the professionalism that goes along with it, by offering instruction on how properly use tattooing equipment. We teach the history of tattooing, along with letting students know the dangers of blood borne pathogens and the different styles of tattoos. To name a few things we offer. Again we cant teach everything in two weeks, but we give you a great foundation to build on. You would be amazed at what students pick up on with proper instruction. Its also great for shops to encourage students to take workshops. Not just ours, travel the country, there are so many great artists. This will help there apprentices who will have a stronger knowledge base to pull from. Like all professions we like the aspect of continuing education so we welcome veterans in the tattooing industry also to come and share there take on the future of tattooing and how to help empower people looking to get into the profession. We are an option to those looking to really critique there skill set through our great instructors. Again we love the feedback and our doors are open to guest instructors as well. (So if youre interested in teaching give us a call. Or if you want a workhshop in your area, we may be able to help you get started.) Again our goal is to share/teach proper tattooing techniques. We want to help aspiring tattoo artists. Come by our location and say hi, see what we have going on. Dr. Brady @ Southeast Tattoo Workshop - (404) 904 - 0876 2483 Maner Road Se Smyrna, GA 30080 Southeast Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo School
  3. Good morning. I do appreciate your concern @CultExciter. However our focus is education. We truly believe if we can teach the fundamentals of basic tattooing we can produce better artists. We want the tattoo community to be vibrant and multifaceted. Based on the feedback we have received from aspiring artists, workshops need to be hosted nationwide. Open forums, not closed doors will create better artists. We started our workshop for the person passionate about tattooing but could not find an apprenticeship. We understand its not enough shops to take every person interested on board. Also this is a great way to find out if the tattoo industry is even right for them in a more structure environment. This is why workshops are important. Can you learn everything about tattooing in two weeks? Thats impossible. Continuing education is just as important. Tattooing is an art that is refined over years of practice. Our goal isnt to create a tattoo artist in two weeks, quite the contrary. Our instructors (with 15+ years industry experience) stress the importance of constantly refining your craft and sitting at the feet of the great artists all over this planet that want to teach the next generation.
  4. Hey Jay we partnered with two great artists. Tupicalo ( Artist Jarrett David - TUPICALO) from City of Ink (CITY OF INK | HOME | Tattoo & Piercing Shop) here in Atlanta and Brian Sampson of Ink Well Studios (theinkwellstudios) If you have a chance check out our instructors bios & our class curriculum. (Southeast Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo Workshop | Tattoo School)
  5. Hello all. Wanted to introduce a great workshop in the Atlanta GA area for new and aspiring tattoo artists. We started a supply company and with so many new artists buying tattoo starter kits, we partnered with one of the top tattoo shops to help people get introduced to the tattoo industry. Everyone has to start somewhere and we created a program that teaches the basics of tattooing and hygiene. Check out our website and feel free to call us with any questions or to schedule a tour. Our mission was to create a friendly environment for the aspiring tattoo artist. We support other workshops also and want everyone to know that this is a life long process of learning and no one workshop or apprenticeship teaches everything. Dr. Brady @ Southeast Tattoo Workshop - (404) 904 - 0876 2483 Maner Road Se Smyrna, GA 30080 www.SoutheastTattooWorkshop.com
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