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    Married with a beautiful one year old. Hubby and I both love tattoos and have a fair bit of ink.
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    Reading, Drawing, Writing, Gaming, Singing, Cooking, Daydreaming
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    Fulltime mummy
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    Hey there! My name is Karla. I'm an inked mummy and wife. I adore tattoos. I have a relatively small collection right now but am looking to expand asap. I love to draw and design tattoos, one design lives permanently on my husbands shoulder and another covers my mothers arm. Having said that I would never call myself a tattoo artist or weild a needle myself, I'm definitely just an enthusiast. I'm looking to incorporate my daughters name and d.o.b somewhere and aspire to a big beautiful Sylvia Ji work on my forearm. I love original works by Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins and am a huge fan of his story. Any work that is different, unique, and makes you stare and think is something to be awed. I'm new to forums in general and have a penchant for rambling so I hope I haven't bored you to tears and look forward to participating in this community. Adieu “Good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good” Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins
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    Take from life

    My husband and I got this matching ink in Macclesfield, UK. This moto brought us together and represents the beginning of our lives together. Can't recall what the font is called.