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  1. I have eczema and already use those products daily so it won't be a problem to try. I put a dab of polysporin on it and it seems to have helped a little. You guys are really informative and helpful thank you for your posts
  2. Infected? I'm hoping my hair is just having a tough time getting through...
  3. Thank you for your reply I let it dry out before i ut some more on this time very sparingly the parts that seemed damaged have scabbed up so i believ you were right about the moist scabs. However the redness around that one blue part has not died down. The only things that frighten me now is the small color difference and the redness. ill post another picture. im wondering if the color of the blue around my wrist is darker because it healed faster, but then would it not be lighter? i suppose there are many reasons for the redness my hair is growing back there too so im wondering if that might be the cause? - - - Updated - - - Here's the picture as you can see it gets darker the closer it gets to my hand. Will this resolve itself?
  4. Hello tattoo enthusiasts! I am posting here today because 5 days ago I got a beautiful Buddhist mantra tattooed on my inner forearm and there seem to be a few color irregularities and a kind of hole. It was wrapped in plastic when I left the tattoo shop I did everything my tattoo artist told me to do except one thing. When I went to buy bacticrin or wtv it's called I could not find it, so I bought tattoo goo instead. Seems legit I checked online many agree it works well. So pretty much since I took the bandage off five days ago it has been covered in a very thin layer (as thin as possible) of tattoo goo. So far it's been good but now the two most important parts of my tattoo are experience some spots of color loss also the beginning of the tattoo nearest the hand is the same color as the end, yet it seems darker. The black in tattoo is behaving beautifully not red itchy or anything it almost looks like it's healed. It's only two parts of blue that are giving me trouble. I've been thinking about going back to the tattoo parlour but it's pretty far. But it's a reputable place and the tattoos he's done and drawings he's done were beautiful. http://i.imgur.com/Tz48BMC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NflvXnB.jpg Help me Last Sparrow Tattoo Enthusiast, you're my only hope. lol