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    I shed plenty as my hair is long - but it's also black and so my shedding can be easily distinguished from that of Rufous!
  • Tattoo Fonts, Tattoo Lettering & Tattoo Script
    I'm wondering what people think of lettering that is done with negative space? I'm thinking of taking a six word phrase out of a larger quote that I like.  Negative space lettering needs quite a large area but I'm thinking of having it go around my left arm (like an upper arm cuff) but angled to move down so that the lettering then spans across my left side, stomach, over my right hip and then around the back of my right thigh and then ending in the front of my right thigh. 

    One idea is a large black band with the letters being negative space in it. However, bold block letters would not suit it so the would need to be a lighter script formed by the borders. 

    My other idea is - rather than negative spacing - to have the centre of the letters in white ink and to have it shaded darker and darker to the outside borders of the letters. I'm wondering if this could give the effect of the lettering giving off light. 

    Obviously I need to discuss with artist etc, but does this have any plausibility?

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    Hello from Projcts
    Hi, Just joined because we are huge fans of art in several forms, and some of the most expressive are tattoos. Here to admire the work and look for inspiration for projects in related and other mediums.
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    Sierpinski Triangle (Fractal)
    Hi, I am trying to decide whether to get my first tattoo on my shoulder or lower on my arm. I am hoping to get the fractal image of the Sierpinski Triangle.  How much for a 4 inch triangle like this on my shoulder would you think is the right price, approximately? thanks for any advice!
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    Tattoo Advice needed!
    I am getting a tattoo covered up on my forearm, picture attached, and I originally wanted the new tattoo to  start from the top of the sail boat and go up my arm to my bicep but my design won't really work that way. I want to get a banjo with flowers and birds, picture attached, and my tattoo artist thinks we need to go down my forearm... but this means the banjo would be upside down! The bass of the banjo would cover up the sailboat and the head would go down to my wrist. She said she would make sure the flow of the flowers and birds would go up my arm just the banjo would be upside down. I can see it in my head, I don't think it would be terrible but I am having second thoughts. I need advice! Do you think an upside down banjo would be weird? Should I try to come up with something different? She did suggest we just do some flowers over the sailboat and in the ditch of the elbow and then do the banjo on my inner bicep. 
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    Hello People :)
    Hello, my name is Nenad.  I enjoy everysingle topic about tattoos, huge lover of them. There is nothing better then steping on that spot, the moment when artist starts doing his work, just all your problem dissaper, all worrys are gone, and you just enjoy the moment.
    Im looking to get both my sleeves done in next few months, atleast untill end of 2016, thats my goal for now :)
    I really love LST and im excited to be a part of it. I really like to read all the topics, share ideas, and just everything in general about tattoos.
    I would also like to call all the people out there that are willing to help to get back to me  , as i started an tattoos fundraising at an crowdfunding website. Thank you so much guys in advance Kind regards

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