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  • Armpit Tattoos
    Posted it a bit back under the 'latest'. Here's a link.    
  • Curious
    @Kurgana There is an interview with Beppe Strambini on this site, and a lot of international guest artists seem to pass through Ink Addiction.  I know Verona is a long ways away from Sicily, though!  Not sure what style you're into, either.  But it sounds like an awesome shop, and one that I'd like to visit.

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    New to tattoos and need advice
    Hey, I don't know much about tattoos and need advice.  I have my eyebrows and ribs tattooed. I was told by both tattoo artists that my skin is very unusual and doesn't hold ink well haha. You can let me know if thats a real thing.  I got my ribs tattooed in a couple hours on a road trip (...) and the tattoo is patchy blue, purple, and red(ish) with no black. The artist kinda rushed at the end because he was really pervy and could tell I was getting upset. I'm not sure if I should get it outlined or expand on it or cover it up or what?    Also, I encourage anyone who fills in their eyebrows daily to get them tattooed... I'm so happy with how natural and full they turned out. 
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    Getting logged out after each visit
    Hi, has anybody else had the issue of having to login each time they return to the site? This only started for me in the past few days. I view the site through an Ipad using an old os and safari. Cheers, Sam
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    Aftercare after peeling stops?
    Is there any suggested permanent aftercare to help keep your tattoo healthy other than using sunscreen?   would have posted this in the aftercare section but i can't.
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    Hi all! I have two tattoos, one on each ankle and am contemplating my third. This time however, I'v become seriously obsessed with the whole subject! Thus, I'v been viewing and examine tattoo pics non-stop. I have a booking with an artist whose work I love but have to wait a whole year.

    In the meantime, I have the following question: some tattoo artist's work seem SO vivid and the colour SO saturated, that I can't work out if its a difference in style and technique or whether they actually use a different ink. For example Giena Todryk, and Marcin Aleksander Surowiec. 

    We all know there are many brilliant artists out there - some of which are more to my taste - but few seem to achieve the sheer pigmented strength of these. Any opinions?


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