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  • Japanese sleeve(s) - favorite flavor?
    For sure! Its interesting, because your dilemma is the dilemma that many Japanese people face. Tattoos are still demonized is allot of Japanese circles, especially within the world of business and government. I can imagine allot of the people featured in these photos would love to be fully covered, but are unable to. We are a bit more fortunate here in the west.
  • Japanese sleeve(s) - favorite flavor?
    Hey, @a_beukeveld! First of all, great pictures, especially of the vintage Japanese pieces! Interesting perspective! I get your point, and on some days I would agree! I am very aware of two conflicting ideas in my head. One is the aesthetics of the tattoo, and I love the Japanese aesthetics. In that regard, I might agree with your preference for the "modest" body suit. But I am also very fascinated with the the "idea" of tattooing — of changing the skin, changing the body. That part of me is attracted to the idea of near-total coverage - front and back, full sleeves to the wrists, legs covered to the ankles. The "idea" of changing as much skin as possible is just really attractive to me, hence the attraction to full sleeves. I do like the sharp cutoffs, and for myself, would not go onto hands, feet, neck or head.  Having said that, I just realistically could never, never, NEV-ER go that far in my world for professional reasons, and because I do have some discomfort about displaying my tattoos in public. So the modest route is more realistic for me if I decide to go further. I love the Japanese style. I started out accumulating a handful of one-point style pieces scattered around, but by chance I selected an artist who worked in a Japanese style, so when I decided that I wanted to get Japanese half sleeves, I was able to make it work pretty well. I'd like to get a back piece, but that may be a long way off. As much as I like the total coverage, realistically the absolute farthest I would ever go would be 3/4 sleeves, back piece, and coverage on the front of my torso in the Munewari style (the style with the "river" down the center that you referred to). So I guess in the end we are are on the same page!

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    I'm new and need opinions :D
    Hey So I was wanting to get a Celtic themed Japanese style 1/4 sleeve.  I approached an artist called DVZ for a design, and they created this, free of charge. I have selected the artist in which i am getting it done by and the overall design will be altered probably quite significantly.  I am wanting opinions of the concept, thanks :)
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    I'm new in need of help
    Hi everyone! I'm here because of my girlfriend. She had a tattoo done recently (2 or 3 days ago) and she's panicking because she got some blister or scab.... To me it looks normal...not surprised after the skin was exposed to needles. Would you be able to advise me if that's normal? I'd like to put her mind at peace and my head to sleep :P Thanks in advance
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    How much would this cost
    Hello i'm 16 ( I have parietal consent and that is legal just so you know ) and was looking to get a tattoo related to the FD because i just passed firefighter 1. I saw this one guys tattoo and would like to get something similar but i need a price point can someone please estimate tell me what a professional tattooist would charge for this tattoo.  
  • 5   Three years ago Filip Leu and Kurt Wiscombe did three collaborative backpieces in three days at the Montreal convention, and here's a short documentary they made about it.

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