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  • For TATTOOERS ONLY, what's your biggest pet peeve?
    It's not just a UK thing, it's a Washington and LA thing as well. It's a very peculiar concept to me that so many people treat tattoos as a fashion accessory; the "I like this tattoo where they have it, and I want it just like that on me" (ignoring that this person is very possibly built and proportioned very differently than they are. It's fine, not really offensive, and not really my problem; it just seems a bit like they're forgetting that this isn't the must-have phone that they can just trade in after a better one comes out.
  • Full body suit people?
    Getting those mandatory posts out of the way I see...

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    Price Range for this Tattoo
    Hey I'm planning on getting my first tattoo in about a week or 2 and I was wondering how much money I should be expecting to spend on this tattoo. I am planning on getting it on my upper forearm, and it will only be about 4.5 to 5 inches on my inner forearm  
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    Opinion Of Artist?
    Hello I am yet to get a tattoo but definitely know who i will get it done by! There is an artist pretty close to me called Dave Swambo: Wondering if anybody has had a tattoo done by him? or i'm just looking for overall opinions of his work?  Thanks
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    Hello All - New Here from T.O - Advice?
    Hi all, new here and want to say that I just found this site and love it.  I have 3 tattoos currently and looking to get more and bigger pieces added from a different artist   I know there are a lot of good options in Toronto but wanted to make sure I chose the right one.  If anyone could provide any feedback on this artist that would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    I'm new and need opinions :D
    Hey So I was wanting to get a Celtic themed Japanese style 1/4 sleeve.  I approached an artist called DVZ for a design, and they created this, free of charge. I have selected the artist in which i am getting it done by and the overall design will be altered probably quite significantly.  I am wanting opinions of the concept, thanks :)

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