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    Hello People :)
    Hello, my name is Nenad.  I enjoy everysingle topic about tattoos, huge lover of them. There is nothing better then steping on that spot, the moment when artist starts doing his work, just all your problem dissaper, all worrys are gone, and you just enjoy the moment.
    Im looking to get both my sleeves done in next few months, atleast untill end of 2016, thats my goal for now :)
    I really love LST and im excited to be a part of it. I really like to read all the topics, share ideas, and just everything in general about tattoos.
    I would also like to call all the people out there that are willing to help to get back to me  , as i started an tattoos fundraising at an crowdfunding website. Thank you so much guys in advance Kind regards
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    Hello, everyone! My name is Aaron and I am a tattooer of 5 years. I enjoy learning and really love art; there is nothing I enjoy more than giving someone a rad new tattoo! Well, maybe just spending time with my family...they're pretty amazing. I am very excited to be a member, I first discovered LST by watching the interview series on YouTube. I was instantly stoked on it, getting to hear the stories from artists who I had already been familiar with from tattoo magazines and other media sources. Then also being introduced to some extremely talented artists I wasn't that familiar with. To be in a forum where I can experience so many wonderful aspects of this culture and witness the continuation of this sacred craft much older than any of us, one that will outlast us all. Sorry if I'm gushing here, tattooing just means very much to me, I don't want to undersell that. Although, I'm sure you reading this feel the same. Why else would you be reading this? I look forward to interacting with many others who share a passion for tattooing! 
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    Advice on what to add
    Hey Folks! So as most of us do I have decided I would like to expand one of my current tattoos. I am aware it would have been much better to map out a full back piece from the start but unfortunately that isn't an option for me anymore.  As you can see I have a symmetrical owl on my upper back with lots of extra room on my lats all the way down to my waist line. I have a fair bit of a V taper so anything I add would need to flow in a way that made the owl the dominant subject of the whole tattoo.  I am looking for any advice or suggestions around what could work. Pictures of ideas or themes would be great! Thanks everyone :)
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    New to tattoos and need advice
    Hey, I don't know much about tattoos and need advice.  I have my eyebrows and ribs tattooed. I was told by both tattoo artists that my skin is very unusual and doesn't hold ink well haha. You can let me know if thats a real thing.  I got my ribs tattooed in a couple hours on a road trip (...) and the tattoo is patchy blue, purple, and red(ish) with no black. The artist kinda rushed at the end because he was really pervy and could tell I was getting upset. I'm not sure if I should get it outlined or expand on it or cover it up or what?    Also, I encourage anyone who fills in their eyebrows daily to get them tattooed... I'm so happy with how natural and full they turned out. 

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