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    So I recently got a tattoo for the first time, and I wanted to do something simple. I'm a drummer in a band, so I thought I'd get black crossing drumsticks on my inner forearm. After a few days, I realized that it really just looks like an X. So I want to add to it, but don't know what.  It'd be great if anyone could mess around with it, and post any ideas/pictures on here. Thanks a lot
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    New, chest piece cover up advice
    Hello, was just wanting to get some advice on covering my chest piece, not all of it just the "skyline" in the back and the banners on the flowers. Basically the heart would be in a bed of flowers for the new piece.
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    What colors work best on dark skin?
    What colors look best on dark skin? I'm assuming my artist is thinking about then when he's making up my design, but out of curiosity, what colors would y'all suggest on dark skin? Not crazy dark, but like, a little darker than Rihanna dark. Sorry, skin color is hard to describe. Is purple one? I hope the answer is yes because it's my favorite color and I would love to have it incorporated with my tattoo!
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    Preliminary Phoenix Design
    I'm getting a phoenix done on my thigh on Friday, and I have the preliminary sketch. My artist said he's changing the head a bit, adding more detail, and of course, coloring, but here's the gist of it. I love how simple it is as I'm not one for super complex things in any way from tattoos to food. I think it'll be great!

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