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    Cool and welcome! Let's see some pictures -
  • Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process
    Wasup Everyone. Ive used tegaderm on about 5 of my tattoos to date and love the product. I keep the initial saran wrap from the studio on overnight roughly 16 hours allowing most excess plasma and gunk to come out. I then wash the tattoo with unscented soap making sure it is completely clean/ no longer slippery from the soap or bodily fluids. I then dam the tatto with clean bounty paper to take off any additional water. Now I allow it to air dry for 2 hours or so. Now its time to apply the tegaderm. For this important step I like to naturally extend (NOT stretch) whatever skin the tegaderm is going to be applied on. If the tattoo is say on your bicep you should straighten your arm downward rather then having it curled because the skin is naturally much tighter in this position. I do it this way because after it is applied the tegaderm will crinkle a bit while you in your natural resting position and will stretch enough when you are stretching that limb. Not doing it this way will limit your range of motion, cause the tegaderm to loose adhesion all together or cause some really nasty rashes on the un-tattood skin. After it is applied I personally leave it alone for 4 days. On the fourth day I shower in warm water allowing the tegaderm adhesion to become soft allowing easier removal. From here I wash it a minimum of 2 times a day applying a very small amount of lotion with clean hands whenever I feel it getting a little dry. Whew... Feel like im rambling on. Just giving my personal experience using the product but this will not apply to everyone. 

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  • 2   Three years ago Filip Leu and Kurt Wiscombe did three collaborative backpieces in three days at the Montreal convention, and here's a short documentary they made about it.
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    Pricing / Rate questions
    Hi, I have an appointment with a pretty well-known artist, Mike Adams, coming up pretty soon - I have only communicated with him a small amount because he's really busy and I think doesn't respond to emails often - I also don't know if it's considered polite to ask about pricing, but I wanted to have some idea of what chunk of $$$$ it will cost me to get something from his flash/paintings about palm-sized.   I don't know if anyone here has been tattooed by him but any tips on ettiquette would be great! Sorry if this is a dumb question.   EDIT: reading around, I can now see it's inappropriate to ask a specific rate/pricing for an artist. I guess I just want to know if it's ok for me to ask him the day of the appointment before we start. I told him what I would like done and he said that sounds good so that's as far as I've gotten. I know that placement/size will change stuff and I want him to have artistic liberty as I think he's fantastic. My first tattoo was from a friend of a friend and it was only $150 which seems insanely cheap (covers whole inner bicep) because it's gorgeous and I know he gave me a discount.   
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    New Here
    Hi all,   Just registered, have 2 tattoos and hopefully will have tons more! 
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    Which wrist
    Getting an inner wrist tattoo - is it better to get it on the watch hand (left) or dominant hand? Also, i have narrowed down to two basic designs (i am a science teacher - nothing flashy needed) - any advice on location and design would be greatly appreciated

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