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    Hello, advice request for aged tattoo
    Hi everyone. I'm based in the UK and was really looking for some advice to help an aged tattoo look a little more delicate. If it's not obvious in the picture the tat is on the inside of my right wrist and is approx 1 1/2 inches big. Originally I was going to have a white ink but was persuaded not to (which I regret). I'm looking to have some work done to the current tattoo in order to make it a little more delicate. Thinking a white ink shadow or something but not sure. Don't want to increase the size hugely. Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks 
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    Need ideas to improve it
    This is what I designed so far and I wanted to ask what do you think and if you have any ideas to add or improve it What coloers, size and place you think will be best? Its my first tattoo and I know noathing about this things so your help well mean a lot to me
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    Need Advice on style
    Hi , I'm new to the site and I am hoping to gain more knowledge so I can enhance my tattoo getting experience. I have two tattoos as of right now. a chest piece and a banner around my arm. I was hoping to get some criticism for them and some advice on how to move forward. For my chest piece i went in asking for "Samuel the Thirteenth, but the artist said that due to my size, he wouldn't be able to fit the whole thing on my chest without changing the font to a size where it will look like a string around my chest. so i took his suggestion adjusting the placement of the "the" instead. but the more i look at it now, the more it seems like it reads " The Samuel Thirteenth" which really wasn't what i asked for and  doesn't seem right in terms of grammer. In the near future, i am hoping to add some roses to the background of the banner on my arm and a "X" on the top. since my tattoo's style would be consider more traditional, would it be weird or mismatching if i were to get roses that were in the new traditional style? i have attached images of the style of roses i am hoping to get and the font of the X. please provide me with some feedback. thanks in advance.
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    Tree Tattoo
    I would like to get a tattoo of a tree in rememberance of my 15 yo daughter who was ripped from me in an auto accident. My question is..... what type of tree should I get? I have tried to research the topic but have came up with conflicting results. I am asking anyone who has knowledge in this area to please enlighten me.  Thank you in advance

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