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    Design/Concept Opinions please
    (PREVIOUSLY POSTED ON INITIATION) Hey So I was wanting to get a Celtic themed Japanese style 1/4 sleeve.  I approached an artist called DVZ for a design, and they created this, free of charge. I have selected the artist in which i am getting it done by and the overall design will be altered probably quite significantly.  I am wanting opinions of the concept, thanks :) Edited Friday at 02:21 PM by Gareth98
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    Hi guys, i'm hopefully travelling to Berlin for a few days in December and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for traditional style tattooers in that area. I doubt i'll be travelling outside of Berlin but i might consider it for someone particularly special. As a reference i've already shortlisted Jorge Ramirez at kreuz stich and Marcos Ortega at out of step. Kind of off topic in my own thread but there's always the temptation to see if Wendy Pham has any availablity!
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    font size
    Is there a minimum font size that artists will do in general for writing or a minimum size that wont look horrible later on?
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    First Tattoo, Big thigh piece
    So I'm looking for a couple of things here, first being advice on tattoo design that I can suggest to the artist (I already had a consultation, artist is working on first draft), second being care of the tattoo, and third being how to prepare for the tattooing session (I've been told it is going to be very long since the tattoo needs to be done all at once since there is not a clear outline). So I'm getting a large lion tattooed on my lower thigh (probably going to stretch the entire length of the thigh though). It is mostly black with heavy shading and somewhat realistic. Very bright contrasting yellow/orange eyes with splotches of yellow, orange and red in the background. There is a long line running through it, cutting the lion off after the head. I'm hoping to change it to include more of the mane. I asked for the quote 'twenty seconds of insane courage' but I may ask for that to be taken out because I don't think it will fit into the tattoo very well. If it comes out nice and fits the tattoo I will keep it. There are is a very short stretch of African landscape, limited to the black silhouettes of some trees  and several small black silhouettes of birds flying away in the background.  

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