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    Hey there, my Intro! =)
    Hey guys, ill just post a few pics here of some of the tats I have now, hope to get many more, and hope to glean a little information about tattooing from the wonderful forum!

    **i have a tattoo on my whole back that is based on the sketch in the last picture (the pencil one)**
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    Swollen forearm sleeve
    Hey guys,   i just had a forearm sleeve almost a week ago inner forearm 6 days ago outter forearm 5 days ago to be specific and a total of 8hrs under the gun. Now it's swollen even my fingers are a bit too but no red no pain nothing just swollen. I've had previous tattoos and none of them swelled like that. Is this normal because it's a large piece or should i be concerned. Thanks.       
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    Building a portfolio, some examples
    Hi there LST peeps, so Ive been drawing pretty much my entire life, ive taken some classes here and there but no degree in fine arts or anything. Anyways I have recently oddly become surrounded by tattoo artists in my life and I think for the first time I could actually become like an artist in my life and possibly not starve to death or wilt away in some design company creating brochures for some stupid company.  So anyways here ive put together a little link of some example of my work (some is woodburned on guitars ive made). I just was hoping to get a feel for if i could survive in this tattooing world, if my skills are halfway decent enough to get an apprenticeship and start learning the ropes and stuff.

    Let me know what you guys think, thanks!
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    Hello people, im new to this forum my name is Tomas and im from Greece, i though maybe someone can say his opinion and help me out. i draw for years and i decide to try my skills with tattoo machine, after a lot of research and as started id like to start with rotary machine since it cost less and pretty much cant do it all. i dont even wanna try with chinese cope or shit,so ill go for new and if i cant do it maybe i got chance to resale it. this machines is what i found the best allrounders and with good price also. for the rotarywork machines i post 4 since they look pretty much the same and i dont know details. I looking for the best allrounder. Any opinion appreciated thanks.    

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