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im planning an arm sleeve, so far i have one bit done which is a woman in a tree based on tree nymphs/gaia, it is 28ish cm top to bottom and needs a bit more shading on her for me to be totally happy with it

i know i want a lily and maybe medusa both on my lower arm but other than that i just have vague ideas of what i like but dont know how to translate to tattoo, any suggestions are much appreciated.

as you can see i am very small so i cant exactly fit alot on my arms...

heres my list of possibles:

Medusa - head

Hades - screeching owl/Persephone 

Hera/mum lily

Apple of discord

Poseidon trident

riptide from percy jackson 

Helm of darkness


golden flowers - Midas gold touch



Sun and moon

Filler ideas Swirly mist Black flames River Styx Clouds


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