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  1. True...True! I hear you.There are plenty of shops nearby in Everett and Lynnwood, where the rents tend to be cheaper so I have a feeling I'll be "safe" for a little while at least! Haha
  2. Exactly! The number of shops combined with the instability of locations/real estate on Capitol Hill is pretty nuts. And Mukilteo is closer to my home. I had been commuting for about 7 years and I was over it. Stop in and say "Hi!" anytime.... Mystic is Mukilteos only tattoo shop.
  3. Aquaphor healing ointment is the most consistent at healing tattoos quickly and without incident that I have ever used. A small amount twice a day is magic. I recommend washing the new tattoo with very warm water and antibacterial soap using your hand (as opposed to a wash cloth). Pat it dry gently and then allow it to air dry for 15 to 20 min before applying a small amount of aquaphor.
  4. I have actually been asked about this particular thing before, and I myself have given a lot of thought to the topic.... I would advise you to get the image that you think of when your Mother comes to mind. How do you see her in your memory? My Mother's image in my mind is always that of her when I was a teen ager for some reason.
  5. I usually just ignore it if it is negative, and try to be polite if it is positive. I am 48 and a heavily tattooed woman and I am still surprised sometimes by peoples reactions to me. Tattoos are psychic armor. My favorite is when people ask "what are you going to do when you get old?" Depending on my mood, it is 1 of 2 answers.... either "Die like everyone else" or "look cool as hell" - - - Updated - - - The South can be brutal for negative responses. I am fortunate to live in the NW where people are not as outspoken with their opinions!
  6. I have just opened a new tattoo shop called Mystic Tattoo Parlor in Mukilteo Wa (just North of Seattle). I have been in the industry since the early 90's and formerly owned Lucky Devil Tattoo Parlor on Capitol Hill in Seattle for 18 years. I have been looking around online for forums to advertise for tattoo artists wanted and this looked like a good one, so I joined.